I had lost the trail I had  followed for a few hours, since my early morning trek. I reached an isolated cottage in the middle of a small vineyard encircled by an army of huge trees. The place had an eeriness of the wild, though it looked inhabited till not very long time back..Tired and hungry, I decided to stay put for a while. As I refreshed myself, and checked the maps, I decided that the digression hadn’t been huge.

The cottage had no door. I got in, rested my backpack against the wall and slouched on the bare wooden bed. As I sat, it all started.. Murmurs and whispers of people, I couldn’t see, who awkwardly sounded familiar. Much like a seeker, like myself, who had wondrous stories of  places and people to share. As I listened more, I felt I could be heard too. I narrated my own stories as they took me to their own world. It was surreal to be divided into two worlds – that of the physical in my eyes and that of the words in my ears, creating visions in the mind. I was drifting away with these nameless, faceless voices into more and more, a fluid world. Fear started gripping me as I got deeper into the fluids. Deeper into whispers that were becoming clearer. I needed to checkout! I struggled hard to just rise and leave but my eyes seemed glued. Eyelids closed beyond my will. Breathless, I shuddered with a fit of coughing, and opened my eyes to a sun-lit room with leaves on it’s floor, dancing with the breeze…

“Must have been a dream dudette! Get up and get going, before it grows more you..Long way to go!”, I mumbled and started again..


Inspired by The Final Cut


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