And I..

Eyes lift up

Open and awake

Or so I’m told

But I was dreaming

I still am

The picture I behold.


Bruised and healed

Wisdom keeled

Prophecies complete

Shaken faith, wonder seized

The beginnings of strangeness

Bring me to believe

The spell that leaves

Little to bereave.


Come home now and sleep

It’s a weary street

These teary eyes

Aren’t a reprieve

Joy would come

And soon would leave

And so would pain

Which I struggle to beat

Nothing is neat, nothing is bleak

All is me and that’s all I need.


Inspired by The beginnings of strangeness


Living within..

His hand shook as he picked up a glass of water to quench his thirst, which he had been holding for a long time now. He had hobbled his way to kitchen, patiently – watchful of every little step. I waited for him to open the door, to deliver his order.

He had a familiar countenance. Wrinkled skin, spectacles hanging precariously on the nose, some hoarseness in voice, droopy eyes and a tender appearance. Our conversations had been limited, though I had been invited for long ones, many a times. But I had a job at hand and a dearth of time.

Today was different. Third day since my granpa had died and I had to report on the job. My grandpa, was my connection, with who I had been. Slowly, I was assuaging my loss.

Before I could think more, he opened the door.

‘Good Morning Victor! Got this parcel again..’, he smiled and continued ‘These kids you know.. Medicines don’t have an effect after a certain age. They are just a key to dying, but please keep it here and thank you!’

‘Sir, I have seen you for a few years now.. you’ve only grown younger!’, I winked as I chuckled.

He laughed and invited me for a coffee.

Today was different, I couldn’t refuse. I headed for the kitchen. As the coffee brewed, I felt warmed inside. I don’t know the key to dying or living – but for all the urgent affairs I had, at hand, I felt calm and eternal, like I had all the time in this world, for anything that it could ask me for…

‘Do get some donuts from the side-drawer.. I have a small treat for you!’, he said with a humor laden voice..

‘Right Away Sir’, I heard my happy voice, as I replied..


Inspired by Key to Dying