The Ailing Intellectual

‘Have you seen these people here ? Disgusting ! ‘ – said my friend.

hmm.. that’s always easy, I thought..
When you can’t solve problems, alienate them. Stand in a class of intellectuals and look down upon the rest. I could never understand this. Till I’m having food in-front of a hungry man – feelings of jealousy, hate, dominance, greed .. will persist. Amongst the intellectuals(acclaimed and self-professed) too – these sentiments are pervasive, although with sophistication.Consumed with sophism, they live a life which is not their own. Bearing the burden of what they are not.

I feel everyone one has an idea of perfection.There’s so much looking up to things and people, that one feels let down more and more. We look for replacement memories, because we don’t think that we have an ideal life, but someone else has it!

I have heard my friends say many-a-times, things like, ‘I don’t think I would study here or work there, as the quality of people isn’t great!’.
The quality of education or work could be a bone-of-contention, the way they are done could be another, but how judgmental, the self-proclaimed non-judgmental people can be, is surprising..and at times when the competition is enough to keep them out.

It’s an actors world. Like Gandhi said – Be the change that you want to see around.
In our ironic world, very mundane thoughts are considered bold subjects sometimes.All of us want safety, security, love, pride and acceptance. We are all similar in that sense. Also, we all know the negative shades, because we all have them.

There’s a dearth of humility, the fear of being small and hence a lack of acceptance. Change needs these. And our world needs a constant change for better.
Hope this New Year dawns with a promise for all of us..Gives us strength to be better and make things better! 🙂


Inspired by Replacement Memories

Wish you a very happy 2013! 🙂


Finding Light

The boat had drifted right in the middle of the sea, like it was on a voyage to the sun. Sun – that had been sinking into water, perhaps looking to cool itself off, of its own heat. It seemed as if we were following a trail of light, which was fast receding.

‘It would start raining soon’, declared the rower.

I had been mindful of the nip in the air, the full moon night and hence the consequences, but I had been drunk on what lay before me. The island was fabled to be the home to Soma, the elixir. Not that I wanted to live forever, but it made for a strong business proposition. To me it made up for a great adventure and quest .It was late but we kept on.

With supplies to last for a few days, I felt assured. It was drizzling as we landed. The island was beautiful, ornate with flowers, fragrance and divine grace.

We got our task together; poured some gin to warm us up… tomorrow would be it I thought!

Day-broke and so did the clouds and my heart too…The game went on for four days and slowly everything had been either swept away or rendered useless. The waves lashed furiously on the shores, pushing us in.

All that remained was a canvas tent, my associate and the boat anchored on the shore. With not much left at hand – we wanted to leave. But for the inclement weather, which wouldn’t let us! Soma, was the last thing on my mind. Irony had struck with impunity and death was scoffing at my face. To have another soul stuck with me, was making me feel like a criminal.

For the first time in my life, I surrendered completely to life. Prayers rose from the deepest recesses of my heart and mind, in the midst of stillness that I had never known. I was grateful for just ‘being’…’ how’ – had become immaterial… I wished this ‘being’ to go on. There was a sense of promise and faith in it.

Tired in the middle of the turmoil, I didn’t know when I fell asleep, clutching on to the canvas cloth. My peer had its other end.

Some light had pierced through; streams of it corrugated my forehead. I squinted my eyes and peeped out of the canvas. The sun was out, bright and shining. I erupted into joy, like I had found the elixir. Shook and woke up my partner. Everything looked so calm and benign, that days past by seemed a distant story. Deep blue waters of the sea with an umbrella of a clear sky, overwhelmed me as tears slipped off my cheeks.

We picked up the remnants and unhitched the boat. The journey back home had begun.

Did I find Soma ?… I guess I did. I was alive.


Inspired by Drift

Merry Christmas! 🙂