The Ailing Intellectual

‘Have you seen these people here ? Disgusting ! ‘ – said my friend.

hmm.. that’s always easy, I thought..
When you can’t solve problems, alienate them. Stand in a class of intellectuals and look down upon the rest. I could never understand this. Till I’m having food in-front of a hungry man – feelings of jealousy, hate, dominance, greed .. will persist. Amongst the intellectuals(acclaimed and self-professed) too – these sentiments are pervasive, although with sophistication.Consumed with sophism, they live a life which is not their own. Bearing the burden of what they are not.

I feel everyone one has an idea of perfection.There’s so much looking up to things and people, that one feels let down more and more. We look for replacement memories, because we don’t think that we have an ideal life, but someone else has it!

I have heard my friends say many-a-times, things like, ‘I don’t think I would study here or work there, as the quality of people isn’t great!’.
The quality of education or work could be a bone-of-contention, the way they are done could be another, but how judgmental, the self-proclaimed non-judgmental people can be, is surprising..and at times when the competition is enough to keep them out.

It’s an actors world. Like Gandhi said – Be the change that you want to see around.
In our ironic world, very mundane thoughts are considered bold subjects sometimes.All of us want safety, security, love, pride and acceptance. We are all similar in that sense. Also, we all know the negative shades, because we all have them.

There’s a dearth of humility, the fear of being small and hence a lack of acceptance. Change needs these. And our world needs a constant change for better.
Hope this New Year dawns with a promise for all of us..Gives us strength to be better and make things better! πŸ™‚


Inspired by Replacement Memories

Wish you a very happy 2013! πŸ™‚


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