The temple of keys

Photo Prompt

The Capital of Azbec, was under attack. The king paid his daily obeisance at the temple of the keys. He would say that the keys were a gift from God. They would find their way to the treasure, when his kingdom was at its brink. The treasure would strengthen them with money, men, food or warfare – of divine capacities – and Azbec,  would not succumb.

It was fabled that once upon a time, when the capital was under a siege, the keys had commanded the then king, to be taken to a cellar and unlock it with them. It was swarming with armies which swung into action. The blitz pronounced into a victory, and the armies and the cellar vanished without a trace.

Since the attack, there had been no signs from the keys. So, it was known that the city would win its war, as it wasn’t the need yet.

Azbec,  won the war.

It is said that it was a royal secret, passed down through the generations of rulers of Azbec – to never let it out – that the keys were genuine, but the fable was not.


Inspired by Picture it and Write


4 thoughts on “The temple of keys

  1. Mystical! I love how the keys are genuine, despite the fable. Great storytelling. 🙂 Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write.

    – Ermisenda

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