His advent in my life, was lucky for me. Had ‘known’ him for a few days, and it was as if my life was on a roll.

I sat like a Cheshire cat, basking in his wide-eyed appreciation of my presence. Stealing some furtive glances of the very elegant him, I was severely conscious of myself and my paraphernalia – it was after all our first formal meeting.

I remember his shyness, as he would look away every time, we would get into a conversation – his lowered eyes, resting occasionally on me – which at other times, were fixed on me.

 I remember the flutter in my heart, the slight shiver of hands,  that I smarted with concealing gestures. I wanted this man.

I remember getting up from the table, noticing a goddess of beauty, sitting near our table. His devoted attention despite such distraction –Oh! I loved this man.

Love! What a feeling… We kept in touch.

I was later told of his being squint-eyed. A quick revisit to the scene and the stars in my eyes were the stones that were hurting!

But like they say, you do grow up (and out) with time!


Inspired by Trifecta Writing Challenge


13 thoughts on “Spark

  1. Before I met my wfe, I had lots of experience being that nice man who was so hard to find. In many instances, the lack of connection was obvious from the get-go. But, there were, also, many times when I watched these ladies melt within minutes simply because I was polite and attentively listening. The very idea of who I might become was enough. Because of these experiences, your story rings very true. Well done.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I think it does happen.I would like to assume that you’re THE nice man, who was hard to find, for your wife 🙂

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