The photographer’s ways would be such a slow boat to China, that she would lose the patience with her own smile. She would wonder why growing up meant preserving smiles in the frames.


Inspired by Trifecta Writing Challenge


15 thoughts on “Smile

  1. someone recently remarked that without pictures we have no history – or something like that. We forget those who have gone before with pics. Good piece.

  2. I’m our photographer and it drives everybody around me crazy when they have to wait until I feel I got the right shot but then… when we have slideshows oh boy are they all happy to see so many pics!

    • What you do is an art, and it takes patience. I love how photographers freeze some moments.. I admire your work 🙂
      My piece was to do with our need for deliberate happiness. Sure, it has it’s own place too!

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