That Other..

Photo Prompt

‘I write when I feel alright’ – she said, smiling and answering a question, at her book launch.

But the color of her face, the inflection in the voice, told a different story. I had known her for long. Although today, it didn’t make much sense to lay those claims, as I sat in the audience, clapping fervently along with the others.

She had breached into my mind, many-a-times, rummaging through the compartments – that I had so carefully segregated. But there were the ones which were confined to the sanctum. I would be scared as I would hear her footsteps closing in. She was sly as a fox and compassionate as a saint – leaving me defenseless.

I tried to do that so many times myself. Emotions ensconced in reason, so that I could know. Her mind was a sanctum sanctorum. Where I parked things in pockets, she had a fortified mansion. She lived so much for every other that they drained her of herself. I was joining the league, I thought.

After a lot of struggle, I would give up. Feel her flow-in like a surge of a wave, when I would still be knocking at her door.

She got up to leave, and I sighed – ‘Maybe another 5 minutes..?’

My friend who accompanied me – started discussing her thoughts and her likings, very animatedly. And I thought to myself – ‘Oh! Really?’. I guess I would not know, or maybe it’s been a while! She must be in the pink of her health 🙂


Inspired By Picture it and Write and Trifecta Writing Challenge


10 thoughts on “That Other..

  1. A very different approach! I loved this description- ‘She had breached into my mind, many-a-times, rummaging through the compartments – that I had so carefully segregated.’ Beautiful! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write! 🙂 I hope to see more of your stories in the future.

    – Ermisenda

  2. Lovely & fascinating take!To be able to rummage in someone’s mind where everything is compartmentalized-wow!Great contrast with the other “fortified” mind,with a “no entry” board:-)

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