Virtually Real

Photo Prompt

“The next exhibit you see is by Sophia” – said the facilitator.

“An artist’s faux pas –  isn’t it dad ? Sloppy hands or maybe butter fingers”

“Oh no,son! This is deep indeed.”

“This is the picture of life. You sit in a bowl full of cereal, unable to have it. Sometimes you don’t have the mouth and at others you don’t have the appetite. Also, there are times when there is no cereal. The instances when you did savor a stomach full of it, are the moments that keep bringing you back, to have it once more!

For the spectators though, you’ve had a spoonful of scrumptious food and you’re still smacking at it, making them feel miserable.

You know, we are incredible!”

“So deep.., I’m not sure if this would have been the photographer’s intent-but that’s a beautiful rendition, dad! Is that experience ?”

“Why should you name and reason everything or can you ?”

“Hmm.. I get it, I wish I could grow up to be like you”

“Well.. that would be a pity! I wish you use it to go a few steps further!”

“..And ladies and gentlemen, our next exhibit by Dev..”


Inspired by Picture it and Write


6 thoughts on “Virtually Real

    • Hey Randy – thank you for the compliments and feedback 🙂 The last line was intended to be that by the facilitator.Have italicized the sentences, hope this clarifies it a little.

    • I feel a little sad with what my post reminded you of – the intent was very different. But yes that’s an interpretation too, that one could choose from. Thank you so much for the comments. They are encouraging 🙂

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