My fiction is an inspiration,

From pleasure and perspiration,

Some tears and exultation,

But it is only an imagination.

I swear by the limitation,

Of my mind, its interpretation,

Of every lovely creation.


Inspired by Trifecta Writing Challenge

This week it says – ‘This weekend we are asking for a thirty-three word confession. Β You’re free to write non-fiction or fiction or to blur the lines in between. Β We just encourage you to get creative and give us your best.’

This piece is almost a non-fiction. All the moods and their exaggerations, that I try to capture through my writing, inspired by a complex called our world, almost dazzle me sometimes. I, for one, thankfully, have met very beautiful individuals – those who have mattered to me, even once. Write this as a confession and a wish that may they have a great life πŸ™‚

Like they say, Wishes have a power too !



20 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I couldn’t bring myself to “tion” such a clever post. My evaulation is that I write this with satisfaction and fascination. Please accept my congratulations.

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