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Gosh! I shouldn’t have been here. Such a grim lane, so dimly lit by the moonlight! I can barely see. And this drizzle isn’t making anything better.   Don’t know what made me stay at the ball, for so long. And this robe, that I HAD to wear today. I can imagine my laundry bills, once I get back home – or if I get back home. I hear the silence so loud, that I fear my thoughts can be heard. Will I manage to make it to the main street… God! Please help..and my car, Really! HAD to breakdown in a sordid, dinghy place, like this! And I HAD to take this byway – just today.. Boy! I’m so done with this spooky place, should I run ??

Just as she paced, she heard a vehicle, drawn in behind her, with a shrill noise, slowed down at some distance.

Headlights dip. She feels a rush of anxiety down her spine. Should she stop, or run to safety?!

There in the car, a half-drunk man, anxiously whispers to his zonked-out friend, shaking him up – “Bro! do we see a witch ….??”


Inspired by Picture it and Write


After Life

“….My thumb-size self hung from the fan, saw my larger physical body surrounded by doctors, taking stock of life, left in it.. I could see colors that I had never seen. I could see beyond horizons, at such a magnificent universe, that I was spellbound. I had not known such peace, beauty and vastness, in my entire life..

Plop! And something dropped into my body. I lost the vision and my physical body was declared alive..”

I was feeling incredibly lucky to be an audience to someone who’d seen death so intimately, and had been in advanced stages of self-realization. His explanations were vivid enough to entice one onto the journey. He egged us on.After spending a couple of days with him, I decided to write down my problems and questions, as I felt assured of getting an answer.

I went to him with my little paper, and he looked surprised.

“Oh! So, you still have them ?”

The look in his eyes told me that he’d been trying to put lipstick on the pig, all this while. But such people, fortunately, are blessed with a lot of grace. I gave him my sheet.

He looked at it and said – “I don’t have answers to your problems. They are your creation or your legacy. All I can tell you is to go through and beyond them. One day you’ll lie stiff, with no pain or heartache or ebullience or even memory. You’ll just be love. If not this time, you’ll be that thumb-size suspension in peace, waiting to fulfill your cravings, and be born again.. You sit on a powerhouse. Waste it, if you wish to. Better would be to use it and help others in doing that. You don’t know what possibilities lay before each one of us. If your wishes have a merit, they’ll get fulfilled, if they don’t, they were not a part of your development plan. Make your senses, emotions and intellect, your enablers..”

“And what about the meaning ?”, I asked.

“Don’t bother, I myself haven’t found that yet! First do what you can do and be honest “

They say, after astronauts have made a journey to the outer space, they invariably do something for the earth, because the planet looks so beautiful from up there.  Similar is the journey of life and self as well. Small glimpses of profundity can give a largeness of spirit.

Although, my little cup was brimful with concepts and ideas, I felt a little empty to accommodate something new.  Faith – was the new challenge, and possibly the holy-grail.


I write this with a lot of reverence,(and perhaps its relevance for us), though not verbatim or with complete exactness.

Sharing a couple of beautiful songs by Josh Groban and Enya.

You Raise me Up

Wild Child