I had spoken, or did I not? I don’t remember.

I see a smile, a pair of eyes, someone familiar, but who? – I don’t remember.

Vestiges of a celebration, a persistence, a wish to celebrate – celebrate a specious existence? I’m not sure..

I remember some anguish, some heaviness of heart – deep meaningful mourning – a sense of loss and longing – for whom and for what? – I don’t know.

I had seen, seen so much, quietly – I recognize nothing.

I had heard, something loud, something voiceless – it was beyond silence, I think.

I had thought and thought some more, I know nothing.

I had felt so much, tried so hard –  only to give up.

I had been living with people, like they did – or did I imagine?

Is this life or do I make it this? – I’m living a truth


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