Going Places

Recently I visited one of the most picturesque landscapes of my country – the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Picture speaks more than a thousand words and interestingly I could prove and disprove the adage in the context of Ladakh-Kashmir ! Breathtaking beauty that my lens could capture, speaks volumes of what actually exists, but there was so much that was only felt and not seen.

Just to give an idea, this is how it looked –Image



And the dots 🙂

Simmering hostility to Kashmir by it’s own people, is pronounced by the state of the Dal lake. Conversations delving deep, reveal coldness and anguish with all that has defined their lives for some decades now. I observe something interesting about humans and I could be wrong. The more you try to placate an anguished brethren, the more they are hurt and become reticent. Maybe it’s just a sweet revenge to hurt back a regretting man.

Ladakh – a predominantly buddhist settlement, showed lesser association with anything around, much like it’s landscape, barren but exquisite. In it’s own way – a different world amongst the many alike. Ladakhis, by as much as I could sense, live a difficult life but at the same time one could marvel at the human spirit- that unless one knows difficulties in a comparative, they don’t really exist! Much like the bumblebee-which as believed by principles of aerodynamics, cannot fly, but does fly, because it doesn’t know! 🙂

It’ll be a journey I would remember for a long time to come, and I wish I could change a few things here n there, to make it perfect beyond the picture!