A Case for Vegetarianism

Many a times I’ve seen a curiosity, as to why one would be a vegetarian.I think I could speak for myself here. Although it’s been a way of life for me, for the very simple reason, that I never got to know the other side for a good part of my life so far, but ever since reason and logic dawned on me, the choice only grew stronger. I would like to share my thoughts hence.

Reason 1:

There’s life in everything. How it manifests gives it some sense of being more important or superior than the other. Animals with ability to move, act and react out of instinct – show greater manifestation of life than plants. By similar analogy human beings, blessed with reason and intellect, are valued more than animals. And maybe also the reason why a celebrity deserves a lot more privileges than I do.  So if I have to consume a life for my subsistence, I would prefer to start at the start.

Reason 2:

Almost follows from the first one – Starting from the start. Sun, water, air are the primary sources of energy. The more one moves to the inner stages of the food chain, the more complex the food becomes. Considering my not so very physically exacting lifestyle, simpler suits better.

Reason 3:

One kg of meat needs around 8 kgs of cereals (The statistic varies from one type of meat to the other and one research to another!). But the fact remains that they aren’t commensurate. If everybody on this earth starts consuming meat, we might not be left with any food! The effects are palpable in the food inflation experienced across the globe since 90’s, as economies grew and so did the intake of high –protein diet. So it keeps me happy to do my bit for this planet.

These reasons are enough to keep me from eating things that move. I thus, rest my case.. 🙂