And verily, to think of you is to think of myself

How I mess up and bide, and unhinge and fly

Commotion and consequence over a tedious ride

What stands out in an arduous trail, is not the tribulation or the toil

but the gnawing at the heart of the purposeless broil

Wish there were meanings of language, emotion et al.

As so much that resides is nothing but a notion – unguided and untied


About dots…

In the flurry of living life, there are times when you want to stop and ponder at the dots. Dots that go beyond words and expressions, but hold more than what they could ever convey. An ode to an intersting world with an immense capacity to bear and afflict and still be irrelevant and germane in the same breath – a lot of it concealed behind these wordless meanings.  Could this be my slice of immortality ? – I think I have given words to a few dots here ! 🙂