Photo prompt by Ermilia

Gosh! I shouldn’t have been here. Such a grim lane, so dimly lit by the moonlight! I can barely see. And this drizzle isn’t making anything better.   Don’t know what made me stay at the ball, for so long. And this robe, that I HAD to wear today. I can imagine my laundry bills, once I get back home – or if I get back home. I hear the silence so loud, that I fear my thoughts can be heard. Will I manage to make it to the main street… God! Please help..and my car, Really! HAD to breakdown in a sordid, dinghy place, like this! And I HAD to take this byway – just today.. Boy! I’m so done with this spooky place, should I run ??

Just as she paced, she heard a vehicle, drawn in behind her, with a shrill noise, slowed down at some distance.

Headlights dip. She feels a rush of anxiety down her spine. Should she stop, or run to safety?!

There in the car, a half-drunk man, anxiously whispers to his zonked-out friend, shaking him up – “Bro! do we see a witch ….??”


Inspired by Picture it and Write


4 thoughts on “Flipside

  1. I like the flip over. Not only was she scared by them, but they were scared of her. An interesting take on the picture. Hahaha, the description of ‘zonked-out friend’ was awesome. Is that slang for drunk? The terminology is always evolving. Last time I checked in Australia, the popular term was ‘blind’. ‘I was so blind last night!’ Of course, suggesting that you’re so drunk, you can’t see a thing. Oh, language. Is it funny? Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

    • It’s a pleasure, that you liked it 🙂 Oh yes, language is always evolving..and ‘zonked out’ is a slang for ‘blind’, as you say. Thank you for your comments.

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